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Club Division Locations

  • We are excited to share the following locations for the Club Divisions! 
    • 18 Club: NorCal Facility in Pleasanton
    • 16 Club: SportsHouse & Encore, both in Redwood City
    • 14 Club: City Beach in Fremont & SportsPlex in San Jose
    • 12 Club: OMNI Facility in Rancho Cordova
      • NOTE: The schedule is formatted so that teams playing in 16 Club and 14 Club do not have the possibility of switching venues until Bracket Play on Monday. 
      • Even on Monday, the only teams that will switch venues are Gold Bracket teams from the Encore & City Beach pools that will participate in the Gold Brackets at SportsHouse & SportsPlex respectively.  Feel free to reach out directly if questions or concerns about this.
      • All teams in a Silver bracket or below will play their bracket at the same facility where they played Saturday and Sunday.

Wave Assignments: Open Divisions

  • Wave Assignments for the Open Divisions on Saturday, 1/14, and Sunday, 1/15 are as follows:
    • 18 Open: AM & PM Waves
    • 16 Open: AM Wave ONLY
    • 14 Open: PM Wave ONLY
    • 12 Open: PM Wave ONLY
      • Note: These wave assignments are designed to allow coaches with multiple teams to be with both teams on Saturday and Sunday. 
      • If you have a coach with two teams, please email ASAP so we can slot their teams into waves that do not conflict on Saturday & Sunday. 
      • 18 Open Note: It is possible for teams to switch waves between Saturday and Sunday, depending on pool finish.

Wave Assignments: Club Divisions

  • Wave Assignments for the Club Divisions: 
    • As the Club Divisions are each at their own locations, each division will have teams in the AM and PM waves.
    • The schedule is set so that a team will not switch waves from Saturday to Sunday.
    • All teams should be prepared to play in the first wave on Monday. 
    • If you have a coach with multiple teams in the same division, please let me know ASAP so that we can slot their teams into waves that do not conflict.
  • If you have a coach with multiple teams in different divisions, we cannot guarantee that the site assignments will allow them to be with both teams. However, we can still slot teams into opposite waves in case the coaches want to drive between different venues.  We will do our very best to accommodate club’s unique situations. 


  • Entry fees for all teams are due no later than Thursday, December 1st. Payments can be submitted online through AES, or via check, sent to Elite Event Partners, PO Box 322, Rocklin CA 95677.
  • The roster deadline in AES is Monday, January 2nd, 2023. Please see the instructions below for clearing coaches with USAV clearance with the JVA. Rosters are not required for tournament acceptance but are required to be uploaded 10 days before the start of the tournament.



  • Spectator Wristbands will be available to be purchased online! The link will be live on Monday, January 2nd
    • Purchased wristbands will be valid across all facilities for Winter Classic


  • All 24 courts at the Grounds will be streamed by BallerTV! Click Below to Access!
    • There will not be streaming at the Bay Area sites. 

General Tournament Information

  • Pacific Sierra Board of Officials will oversee and manage all tournament officials.
    • Every match will have a provided R1 Official
    • This is a JVA Insured event.  All adults on rosters must show verification that they have completed a JVA or USAV background screen and also SafeSport or Abuse Prevention Systems training.  To purchase the JVA background screen/APS training or show verification of USAV member number, please click here:  The JVA screen is $38 for a two year screen/verification.